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Get Started

Starting a blog was one of my New Year’s resolutions. I usually don’t make them, but I thought I’d try something new this year.

I’m Gogig (not my real name).  I’ve got some goals. Some are hard, some are more ephemeral ideals, and some are just things you can never stop working on. My goals are why I’m here. My expectation is that writing this blog will serve the following purposes for me:

  • goal tracking
  • accountability
  • skill development

I’d like to use this semi-public forum to establish and broadcast my various goals and then to be accountable for making progress toward and achieving said goals. My biggest goal is to get out of debt, so I expect that I’ll spend the majority of my writing on that topic. That’s the “GetOut” in my blog name.

I also hope to learn more about blogging and web coding stuff as I do this. I have a niche professional skill set, and on the bad days at work, I feel trapped. So blogging and learning about coding was the solution I came up with to make me feel like I have somewhere to go (or am at least working on giving myself somewhere to go) if I ever want to get out of what I’m doing now. I plan on doing some of the courses on Treehouse (another New Year’s resolution!) to start learning the coding side of things. I would love it if one day, my blog became popular and I was able to monetize it, work for myself, yadda yadda, but I have a long way to go before that’s a likely possibility. So I’ll just be here, in my little corner of the interwebs, typing away at whomever stumbles upon this. I have a bunch of other goals to improve my life and me as a person, and I’ll write some about those too. That’s the “GetIt” part of my blog name.

And the “Girl” is because I’m female, though at 30, I’m a woman. Had to stick with the g’s for the name though.

In my next post (maybe next few?), I’m going to start spelling out my goals and my plans to get there.